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Selecting your NBN plan
9th May 2017

There is an old saying that goes like this: "You get what you pay for". This now applies more than ever for your NBN plan.


When ADSL was the most common connection, this had things like contention and other various forms of cost-cutting by the ISP having little impact on your overall speeds. This mostly due to the paltry speeds you most often got via the connection. So in a way, the whole congestion problem was hidden and not an issue at all as the vast majority of users got less than 10mbit, but still had to pay for the full speed package.



These days almost all budget internet providers have terrible peak-hour speeds, which are the hours between 4:00pm and 10:00pm, you know, when you'd like to use the internet. The ISP itself is not to blame by itself, unfortunately it is being throttled by a bulk network provider known as NBN Co, and they are trying to squeeze them for all their worth. All this to pay back a loan with a overall terrible business plan, model and technology called MTM.



So, if you want reliable NBN, do some research and don't jump at the cheap and combo deals often advertised by some of the big providers. These are often signs of a bad contention model and you will have trouble in the future with peak-hour congestion. Maybe not immediately, but eventually.


The signs to look for in a good plan is:

  • They separate their services out like Internet, Phone, Mobile, IPTV so that the user can select their ideal package for their needs.
  • Cost-wise they are around $10 to $20 a month dearer than the budget providers.
  • They have download and upload cap plans like 100GB, 500GB, 1000GB.

I have done a little research and have found the following NBN Providers have similar structures as described above:

  • Internode
  • SkyMesh
  • Aussie Broadband

Overall, I wish you luck in finding your NBN Plan as the journey ahead will be frought with battles with your provider and NBN. Even more battles if you are unlucky and end up with FTTN, HFC, FTTC or any other copper / cable variant.

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